On the coming AWB.

In case you have been living under a rock a new Assault Weapon Ban is coming down the pipe courtesy of Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) with sweeping changes that will shake the 2nd Amendment to its very core.  Among those changes are the following:

  • Changing criteria from a 2-feature test to a 1-feature setup which greatly expands the list of weapons impacted
  • Outlawing every single M4/AR15 type rifle in the entire State of California (via the Bullet-button)
  • NFA registration for all grandfathered weapons which will push back NFA approval from a mere 9 months to a multi-year wait at the very least.
  • Invalidates ANY transfer of such weapons meaning you cannot leave a weapon to your children

That is just the hi points of the bill from the summary (available here) but rest assured on the first day back in session she will unveil this piece of legislation amid great fanfare by those who without a shadow of a doubt are coming to take away firearms from the average american.

If you are still reading this and haven’t stopped to vomit into a trashcan its important that you begin contacting your congressional counterparts immediately and not just an email via their websites, print out or better yet hand write letters to them demanding they vote against any such legislation and that a vote in favor of it will ensure you vote against them the next time they are up for re-election.  Then once you are done with that phone them up and repeat the same message.  Hammer at them with emails, calls, facebook posts, twitter messages, anything at all really. Push home the fact that legislation created based on emotions and not logic and reason will not be tolerated, that further erosion of our rights is unacceptable in any way, shape or form.

After you have finished the media blitz aimed at congress I suggest taking a moment or two to review which companies are in support of your rights and which are not, then utilize your dollar vote accordingly and refuse to do business with fair-weather supporters such as Cheaper Than Dirt and Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Any business that caves to percieved pressure before the real fight even begins doesn’t deserve my money and as such their outrageous prices (1000$ for 1000 round of M855 for example) can be paid by someone else.

Youtube and Google+, linked?

I don’t remember when it happened but it would seem that now in order to post videos to Youtube you must have a Google+ account, which obviously I don’t have anymore.  I wanted to link a friend to a video I shot during the Derecho this past summer and lo and behold I get a message saying that I must have a Google+ account in order for others to see videos that I have already uploaded to Youtube.  Despite them saying that my videos are only available to myself I can’t even go to them to review comments/stats. I don’t see why I need a fucking social media account that I will never use and will intentionally put bullshit information into just to post some fucking videos, based on this I think I will be taking the time to relocate my videos off of Youtube and onto someone who sucks a little less, maybe Vimeo

Spam Highlight Reel!

So here I am sitting here bored as hell because there is nothing to do that wont piss off the filters at work, when I realized that I had lots of spam comments sitting here just collecting dust which could be loaded with gold (and honestly I never check them so there could be valid comments) that would make for good discussion.  I present to you the 4 best out of 8 pages of pure unfiltered fermented shit.



This one is pretty interesting, it definitely qualifies as the longest semi-coherent post in 8 pages worth of spamtastic shit, however I am puzzled as to how trusting God is connected to sports jerseys and the National Security policies of George Bush.



“Piercingly penetrating the dance arena” sounds like a review of some 80s dance hall music as opposed to an automated spam message delivered by code that probably was written by some Nigerian prince.



Thunderstorms, Adventure, Microsoft Office! Yeah I’m not sure what the hell this bot was trying to get at, but it seems like a lot of the others it really wants me to buy some knock-off Burberry bullshit.



I seriously want to use “rattling fantastic” in a sentence now, but I’m not sure I can actually get drunk enough to make that work, maybe I will have to settle for more sports jerseys and shitty beetz headphones.


My Beef with Europe

Right now there are massive quantities of Europeans telling the US that its time for us to outright ban all firearms and start rounding them all up to smelt them into end tables or some shit.  Just take a second or two and browse the comments section on just about any news site running stories about the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting and you will see plenty of examples of this.  My problem is this: as an American if I told someone from say Greece that they need to pass X, Y and Z austerity laws to try to to get their economy out of the toilet they would tell me to mind my own business.  Why can’t we be extended the same fucking courtesy? When was it made the norm to be hypocritical dickheads who love to dish out the shit but can’t take it even in small doses?  Dear Europeans: If I wanted your goddamn opinion I would ask you for it, until then much like your asshole keep it to yourselves.

Tragedy in Connecticut will lead Travesty in Washington

Unless you happen to work in a box with no windows you probably know that there was a terrible school shooting in CT today leading to nearly 30 people losing their lives.  The fact that it happened is without a doubt an unspeakable tragedy, families are decimated and lives of those affected are generally turned upside down.  Given all this I would think today would be a day for mourning, a day for duty, and a day for a community to come together and support each other in a time of need.  Unfortunately today is also a day for opportunistic scumbags who have no regard for their fellow man to come out of the woodwork to point fingers and push an agenda when those poor fucking kids haven’t even been laid to rest yet.  It absolutely sickens me that people feel the need to jump to the politics so fast, give it a week people!  Is one week so damn much to ask in the face of tragedy? What is so pressing about your frothing rants about the evils of firearms (because only they seem to hurt people)

I can tell you what it is, people are so fucking ruined in the brain that they don’t even give a shit anymore.  The majority of those yelling about gun control and repealing the 2nd Amendment today? they don’t even register that those poor kids are dead or that they even are human fucking beings, all they see is a chance to push agenda that must not be wasted, not be allowed to cool into reason when emotions are still raw and exposed.  Its the same bullshit Congress used right after 9/11 to pass the PATRIOT ACT, its vulgar and underhanded, its sadly endemic of the media and the politicos; they simply cannot let a good tragedy go to waste.

And to those who think that nothing will come of this as far as legislation goes, I would like to point out that history indicates otherwise.