Disregard Females, Acquire Child Support Payments?

I really really try not to rant on here that often, but this one really does deserve it.  This story basically indicates that after a sexual encounter a woman is entitled to do whatever she wants with your sperm including impregnate herself and then sue you for child support and win.  Honestly this just reaffirms my stance that you simply cannot trust women at all because there are too many legal loopholes they can exploit to either financially exploit you or outright ruin your life (false rape charges for example).  Given that this went down in Chicago I really shouldn’t be surprised; the city has to be one of the most fucked up and corrupt in the entire nation.

Honestly at this point every man should be at least wary of this happening to him now that a legal precedent has been established, but honestly the only way to be 100% sure is to use multiple forms of contraception including a vasectomy, that way when some disgusting and decietful woman attempts to pull the baby-trap-card you can properly decimate her in a way that hopefully crushes her very soul.

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